Terms and conditions

  1. When your pet stays with us we take every precaution to ensure their health, safety and wellbeing are meet.  A mid term check may be required for your pet at the discretion of Stoney Peak Pet Lodge.  Should your pet become unwell or injured, we will take immediate action either by talking to you, family member, your emergency contact person (nominated by yourself), or your own veterinary clinic and/or our own veterinary clinic to seek appropriate medical attention, which will be at your (owners) expense.  (As per Animal Welfare Act 1999, Part 1, paragraph 1, Purpose, Caring of Animals).
  2. Under no circumstances will Stoney Peak Pet Lodge be responsible for the death or injury by misadventure to animals staying at Stoney Peak Pet Lodge.
  3. All animals are to be fully vaccinated.  Vaccination records must be shown on admission.  If no record book available, the name of the veterinary clinic must be given so vaccinations can be checked.
  4. Boarding rates are charged on a per day basis.
  5. The owner agrees to pay the rate for boarding and any veterinary costs that may occur while your pet is in our care.  (Effective on day of arrival till pick up).
  6. You understand we operate a communal interactive play group environment sometimes and accept the positive benefits and the potential risks involved.
  7. Thank you for choosing Stoney Peak Pet Lodge.