Why Use Doggy Daycare?

Well it’s fun and entertaining… your dogs will simply love it!

Work all day and know your dog is haveing fun and not alone at home getting into all sorts of mischief.

Doggy Daycare is great for social interaction and exercise.

We don’t believe in big packs of dogs.  We group according to temperament, personalities, age and size.


Our pickup and Drop Off Service

At Stoney Peak we offer a complete taxi service to get your dog to and from daycare in a safe manner while allowing you to go about your day with peace of mind.

Daycare, regular (2 days a week at least)$27.00 per day
Daycare, casual (1 day a week)$29.00 per day
Taxi pick up and drop off$15.00 per dog
Full day of daycare + taxi pickup and drop off$40.00 per dog

Pickups and Dropoffs from the following locations:

  • Rototuna
  • Morrinsville
  • Gordonton
  • Cambridge (on Fridays)